There is no need to count to ten or drink that coffee or soda. Why not learn how to relax, breathe correctly, and medicate your way to relaxation and a stress free life. Tai Chi is a mental and spiritual self-defense system based on the unlimited power of the mind, spirit, and body.
This workshop is designed to acquaint the participants with the awareness and skills needed to effectively manage diversity in the workplace. The intended participants may be employees, managers, or supervisors.
This seminar focuses on an Adlerian approach to stress management. Participants will understand the characteristics of stress and the various stimuli that create an imbalance in one or more of the body's systems. Special emphasis is given to identifying and copying with stress in relationships.
Seperation is a highly emotional time, which involves many persons. The impact of separation on the individual includes a variety of emotional reactions with th eir accompanying behaviors. This seminar presents these reactions and focuses on the skills the individual can use to deal with them effectively. Special emphasis is given to developing, helping, and communication skills.
What If, everyone were understanding, logical, caring and perfect. The world would be unreal. However, we live in the real world. This seminar will better prepare the participants in managing the difficult behaviors exhibited in the real world of the workplace by teaching them to analyze what is causing the various behaviors, and develop strategies to reshape this negative behavior and improve relationships.
People differ not only in their abilities to do, but also in their will to do. In this seminar, participants learn effective ways to get their staff to develop and maintain a high degree of motivation. Included are exersizes, lectures, and discussions.
The need for superviors to know the roles and functions of management cannot be over emphasized. This seminar covers the roles of supervisors in effectively managing employees. Also covered are the functions of management, which include planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, controlling and delegating. Group exercises, role-playing, lectures and discussions will be utilized.
Learn how to build group cohesion and teamwork. Remember that there is no in the word team. This seminar utilizes group projects, role-playing, and lectures to facilitate an effective learning experience.
This seminar stresses the skills of active, productive, and effective time management. Basic principles of time management and the application of these principles to the daily activities of the participants will be practiced. Setting goals and prioritizing your schedule will be emphasized.
Next to your people, time is the most valuable resource a manager has. In the managerial world, there is no such thing as stopping the clock. Time wasted is time lost. In this seminar, participants will idenfiy time wasters and effective use of time and the telephone.